Version 1.0.1 of Raven Tracker is now available with new cash sheet and payroll features as well as performance enhancements.

Notable Changes

  • Optimise Wage Sheet initialise and load times
  • Add ‘Default Payment Details’ to Employee page
  • Autofill payment details when selecting employee on Wage Sheet
  • Add ‘sync’ button to Cash Sheet to synchronise balance from last week
  • Miscellaneous framework bug fixes

Wage Sheet Payments

Employee pages have a new Default Payment Details section, where an employees default pay rate and pay frequency is defined. When the employee is later added to a wage sheet, their default pay rate and pay frequency is automatically selected.

Raven - Wage Sheet Default Payments

If the employee does not have default payment details, a gentle reminder is displayed informing the user to update this employees payment details and to double check the pay rate and pay frequency on this wage sheet line.

Cash Sheet Synchronisation

Occasionally an older cash sheet may need to be changed, perhaps to correct a typo, or adding a missed invoice etc. This can result in the closing and opening balances between cash sheets going out of sync. This is already alerted to in the Cash Sheet list pages, but the cash sheets themselves had to be manually updated.

Raven - Cash Sheet Synchronisation

There is now a new sync button that appears on a cash sheet page when a cash sheet is out of sync. Clicking this button displays a simple confirmation dialog with details of the sync update.


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