Raven Tracker

An online accounts application for owners and managers
of pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Raven Tracker
Raven Tracker

Raven Tracker is an online application developed specifically to meet the needs of accountants working with owners and managers of pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Raven Tracker enables accountants and their clients to share information and work together easily.

Raven Tracker was designed in collaboration with PLS Management Services, a long established Accountancy firm, and has been in production use since October 2018 and was formally released in March 2019.


Weekly Cash Sheets

Quickly record daily takings and expenses using our simple cash sheet customised for your premises.


Easily input invoices, perform validation, and track when they need to paid, those that have been processed etc.

File Storage

Easily share files such as invoices, statements and other documents in all popular file formats.

Notice Board

Keep all important communications in one place, accessible by client and accountant.


Set reminders to make sure nothing important is forgotten.

Due Dates

Set Due Dates for important deadlines, such as when to place orders.


Quickly and easily report hours worked for each employee using our Weekly Wage Sheet.

Multi User

Each user is assigned a unique account and a defined role, providing auditing and access based on role privileges.


Raven is a cross-platform application and runs on Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets.

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Elysian Labs is a software development and consultancy company located in the South East of the United Kingdom. We provide a wide range of IT Services. In particular, we focus on creating software application services, and have specific experience working in the gaming, auctioneer, valuation & license trade sector.

For more information on Raven Tracker or to find out how Elysian Labs can help you, please contact us.

Raven Tracker 24.07

Raven Tracker 24.07

By Darren Debono | 8th July 2024

Version 24.07 of Raven Tracker is now available. This release adds support for importing Bizimply timesheets and converting them directly into Raven Wage Sheets. The Wage Sheet Template has been improved for Assistant Managers and Supervisors with a new Notes section and displaying the week ending date of latest wage sheet.