Version 1.0.2 of Raven Tracker is now available with new invoice features and cash sheet enhancements.

Notable Changes

  • Override default tax code on Invoice expense line
  • Add tooltip to display default tax code
  • Remove options for setting Invoice VAT exemptions
  • Invoice numbers can use non alphanumeric characters
  • Add Balance out of Sync indicator to Cash Sheet
  • Admin users can sync cash sheet after client submission

Invoice Tax Codes

When clients enter an invoice, they enter the expense types on separate lines using simple descriptions preassigned to the supplier. These expense types are internally assigned a nominal code and a default tax code, and these remain completely hidden from the client.

Raven - Invoice Tax Code

However on occasion it may be necessary for an accountant to alter the default tax code. Accounts now have an additional Tax column, where they can override the default tax code on a per expense line basis. Hovering over this new tax code selection displays the default tax code in a tooltip.

This completely replaces the previous Invoice VAT exemptions, which has now been removed.

Cash Sheet Synchronisation

The last update introduced a new sync button that appears on the cash sheet page when the balance is out of sync with the cash sheet from the previous week. This updates adds a Balance out of Sync indicator icon to make the issue more prominent.

Raven - Cash Sheet Synchronisation Icon

The cash sheet sync button also now continues to be available to accountants after a client has submitted the cash sheet.


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