Auction Labs 1.2.12

Auction LabsAuction Labs 1.2.12 is now available. This release continues the trend of adding often requested features and unifying design elements.

Registered Buyers

The improvements to the general Buyers screen from the last update have been incorporated into the Registered Buyers screen. So the buyers status icon now resides in its own column, and the description column has been replaced by an email column.

View Sales

The columns on the view sales screen have been rearranged to be more consistent with the buyer purchase screen. The results can now be sorted based on the hammer price, and there is now a VAT column.

Buyer Purchases

It’s now possible to sort purchases based on the lot number or the hammer price. The VAT column now displays the correct information.


Please check the What’s New section once signed in for the complete list of changes. You can find more details about this software on the Auction Labs Live product page. For additional information or help, please get in touch with us.