Raven Tracker 22.10

Version 22.10 of Raven Tracker is now available. This release adds support for employees who are paid monthly and work variable hours to be added and exported from weekly wage sheets.

Raven Tracker 22.10

Notable Changes

  • Add Payment Processing options to Employee Details page
  • Add Payment Processed column to Employee list page
  • Add support for deferred employees to Wage Sheet Export
  • Add new Deferred Wage Sheet status
  • Add Deferred Wage Sheets to Export page
  • Add new status colours to wage sheet icons
  • Add calendar symbol to employee name if processed monthly
  • Wage KPI now calculates average weekly pay for monthly employees
  • – Monthly employees must appear on wage line, even if zero hours worked
  • Skip monthly variable pay employee check if site is Calendar 4-4-5
  • Add preposition to Pay Frequency description on Employee Details page
  • Rename export wage option from search results as Simple Spreadsheet
  • Remove single selection option from wage sheet export page
  • Remove Submitted wage sheets page from Site Panel
  • Remove Furlough (CJRS) Payment Details from Employee page
  • Sheet number & date moved to top of System Log Message
  • Set default Rota Budget Target if empty on Site Details page
  • Set default Rota Forecasted Takings if empty on Site Details page
  • Fix errors on rota sheet when end time is midnight
  • Major platform & performance upgrade
  • Framework updates & bug fixes

Employee Payment Processed Option

The Employee Details page has been simplified and a new Payment Processed option has been added. The new options are,

  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Weekly is the default option. The Monthly option has been added to enable employees who are paid monthly and work variable hours to be added and exported from weekly wage sheets.

Variable Monthly Pay Employees on Weekly Wages

To support these new Variable Monthly Pay employees on weekly wage sheets, Raven is introducing a new deferred status. Wage Sheet icons are now coloured to easily identify their status.

ActiveGreenActive wage sheets have been created but not yet completed by the client.
SubmittedYellowSubmitted Wage sheets have been completed and verified by the client and are ready to be exported by the accountants. Once submitted, wage sheets are locked to client and cannot be changed.
DeferredRedDeferred Wage Sheets are a new state and indicates all weekly paid employees have been exported, but one or more monthly processed employees are on the wage sheet and have been deferred for later processing.
ExportedBlueExported Wage Sheets have been fully processed and exported.

Accountants should export wage sheets as normal. If a wage sheet has at least one employee on Variable Monthly Pay, it’ll enter deferred state with a list of deferred employees recorded in the export report.

Once there is a monthly collection of deferred weekly wage sheets, these can all be selected and exported in a single operation. This creates an export file containing the hours and rates of all employees on variable monthly pay.

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