Raven Tracker 22.12

Version 22.12 of Raven Tracker is now available. This release adds the standard Funds Transfer In & Out tables to JAT Cash Sheets. New for all Cash Sheets is an optional input to record Till Float.

Raven Tracker 22.12

Notable Changes

  • Add Funds Transfer In & Out tables to JAT Cash Sheets
  • Balance now includes variances by default on JAT Cash Sheets
  • Use calculated income if actual income is empty on JAT Cash Sheets
  • Include Funds Transfer In & Out lines in all JAT export filetypes
  • Rota Sheet calculates average weekly pay for monthly employees
  • Lock all Tronc (Tips) Settings after wage sheet exported
  • Disable Cash Sheet ‘Tab Delimited’ export file format
  • Add new Cash Sheet Settings panel to Site Details page
  • Add House Float to Site Details Cash Sheet Settings
  • Add optional Actual Float input to Cash Sheets
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes on JAT Cash Sheets
  • Framework updates & bug fixes

Add Funds Transfer Tables to JAT Cash Sheets

Just Add Talent (JAT) is an agreement option offered by Star Pubs & Bars (HEINEKEN UK) to kick-start a pub business at a fraction of the start-up cost of taking on a leased or freehold premises. Under this agreement, publicans will receive a split of the net turnover, with Star Pubs & Bars providing the perfect balance of support and freedom. Punch and others offer a similar agreement.

JAT cash sheets have traditionally been simpler than regular cash sheets, with fewer tables and a specialised Split Summary table.

JAT Operators are now enabling credit card terminals to take service charges. This release adds the standard Funds Transfer In & Out on JAT Cash Sheets to enable this and many other options.

Add optional Actual Float input to Cash Sheets

Clients can now record House Float on weekly cash sheets. This is an optional setting enabled on the Site Details page by entering House Float amount. Once enabled, the Actual Float can be recorded on weekly cash sheets beside the banking notes. Any variance between House Float and Actual Float is also displayed.

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