Raven Tracker 22.08

Version 22.08 of Raven Tracker is now available. This release adds the ability to print Weekly Rota Forecast Costings Reports in PDF and HTML formats, providing a detailed breakdown of forecasted wage costs.

Raven Tracker 22.08

Notable Changes

  • Add Print Rota Forecast Costs Report buttons to Rota Sheet page
  • Add Print Rota Daily Total Times option to Site Details page
  • Print Rota Daily Total Times below start and end times (if enabled)
  • Printed Rota Daily Total Times replace break times (if enabled)
  • Display each rota category table on the same PDF page where possible
  • Add Payroll Contributions options panel (for rota costs) to Employee page
  • Fix broken tables on PDF Rota Sheet
  • Add internal Rates and Thresholds table
  • Add monthly pay employees to Wage KPI page
  • Include Monthly Wage Sheets in Wage Sheet KPI page
  • Rename columns on Wage KPI page
  • Note monthly wage sheets not supported on employment history page
  • Replace Variance column with Balance on cash sheet search results page
  • Framework updates & bug fixes

Rota Forecast Costings Report

The weekly staff rota (roster) planner now has the option to print a Rota Forecast Costings Report in PDF & HTML formats. This report provides a detailed breakdown of forecasted wage costs.

The initial Forecast Summary table provides an overview of all the key details, most importantly is the Budget Forecast percentage and how it compares to the Budget Target (set on the Weekly Rota Sheet along with the Forecasted Takings).

The Forecast Summary is followed by Manager, Bar, Kitchen and Cleaner tables, providing a granular breakdown of every member of staff from the rota sheet alongside columns for estimated Gross Pay, National Insurance, and Pension Contributions.

The Employee page now has a Payroll Contributions options panel, enabling clients to define if an Employee makes National Insurance or Pension Contributions (enabled by default). This is optional, but using these toggles further improves the accuracy of the Rota Forecast Costings Report.

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