Raven Tracker 21.06

Version 21.06 of Raven Tracker is now available. This release introduces a searchable Employment History page for all employees. This page displays a payment summary of the period searched and automatically estimates Holiday Pay.

Raven Tracker 21.06

Notable Changes

  • Add Employment History Search tab to Employee page
  • Add Holiday Pay Estimate to Employee History page
  • Add Delete Cash Sheet(s) option to Search Results
  • Create Snapshot file when deleting Cash Sheet(s)
  • Apply new YY.MM version number scheme
  • Server performance enhancements

Employment History and Holiday Pay Estimate

This release adds a new Employment History Search tab to all Employee pages. Clicking this tab automatically displays the Employment History for the past year (52 weeks). Each wage sheet line for the employee is compiled in a single results table.

Above the results table is a Payment Summary & Holiday Entitlement table. The Holiday Entitlement and Holiday Due estimate is based on the search period.

ACAS recommend holiday pay will be based on the average pay over the previous 52 weeks (and if necessary, you can look at the pay over the previous 104 weeks, but no further). The search period is 52 weeks by default, but can be easily changed by clicking the Advanced Search row and adjusting the start and end dates.

Version Number Scheme (YY.MM)

Raven Tracker has followed a traditional version numbering scheme (major.minor.patch). Starting with this release, we are switching to a date based YY.MM version number scheme, where Raven Tracker will be versioned by the year and month of delivery. Patch releases will be incrementally appended, so 21.06.1, 21.06.2 etc.

New releases of Raven Tracker will be published on a monthly basis.

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