Raven Tracker 1.5.18

Version 1.5.18 of Raven Tracker is now available. This release adds a collection of Monthly Wage Sheet export filetypes, including Furlough Claim Sheet (CJRS) and Sage 50 Payroll compatible template files. Snapshot files are also created when submitting Monthly Wage Sheets.

Raven Tracker 1.5.18

Notable Changes

  • Add Export Monthly Wage Sheet page to Site Panel
  • Add Monthly Wage Sheet ‘Sage 50 Payroll’ filetype export option
  • Add Monthly Wage Sheet ‘Simple Spreadsheet’ filetype export option
  • Add Monthly Wage Sheet ‘Furlough Claim Sheet’ filetype export option
  • Add status icon to Monthly Wage Sheet list pages
  • Add Category columns to Monthly Wage Sheet list pages
  • Add Summary table to Monthly Wage Sheet
  • Add time format checker to Monthly Wage Sheet
  • Add Snapshot file when submitting Monthly Wage Sheet
  • Add Payslip File upload form to (exported) Monthly Wage Sheet page
  • Add Payslip column and downloads to Monthly Wage Sheet list page
  • Improve realtime calculations on monthly wage sheet lines
  • Improve time conversion on Weekly Wage Sheets to fix penny drift
  • Improve Weekly Wage Sheet System Log reports
  • Weekly Wage Sheet ‘Simple Spreadsheet’ daily times in HH:MM format
  • Fix syslog error when export file contains no data and report issue
  • Fix Cash Sheet Export Cash Variance bug
  • Framework security updates
  • Framework bug fixes

New Monthly Wage Sheet Export Filetypes

The last release introduced monthly wage sheets, enabling clients to input the total hours worked for each employee for the entire month. This release adds a collection of monthly wage sheet export filetypes.

Simple Spreadsheet

The Monthly Wage Sheet Simple Spreadsheet filetype retains all the detailed information seen on screen. This is ideal for opening in standard spreadsheet applications for analysis. This is similar in practice to the Cash Sheet Simple Spreadsheet filetype.

The Weekly Wage Sheet Simple Spreadsheet filetype has also been updated, with daily input times now being represented in HH:MM format instead of decimal. There are now two Total time columns, one in HH:MM and one decimal formats.

Sage 50 Payroll

Similar to Weekly Wage Sheets, Monthly wage Sheets can now be imported directly into Sage 50 Payroll via the Sage Employee Payment Hours and Rates Template. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) claims are automatically calculated.

Furlough Claim Sheet

The Furlough Claim Sheet (CJRS) export filetype is similar to the Sage 50 Payroll export export file, but adds many additional columns making it easier to verify Furlough calculations.

Activity Log & Snapshot Files

The System Log records more information on monthly wage sheets.

When a user submits a monthly wage sheet, a snapshot file is automatically created and saved in the System Log. This snapshot file is created using the Simple Spreadsheet filetype, and contains all the information entered by the user and additional useful details.

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