Raven Tracker 1.5.9

Version 1.5.9 of Raven Tracker is now available. This releases adds Job Support Scheme (JSS) functionality to the Weekly Wage Sheets and Wage Template, and adds a new JSS Claim Sheet export filetype.

Raven Tracker 1.5.9

Notable Changes

  • Add JSS Claim Sheet export filetype
  • Add JSS Payment Details to Employee page
  • Add JSS Staff table to Wage Sheet & Template
  • Add alert if employee on Wage Sheet JSS table has no JSS details
  • Add ‘is active’ checkbox column to wage sheet template lines
  • Initialising a weekly wage sheet from template only loads active lines
  • The ‘Mark as Processed?’ Export option is only available to administrators
  • Only Daily Journal Cash Sheet exports are automatically marked as processed
  • Only Sage Payroll Wage Sheet exports are automatically marked as processed
  • Add Week Ending options (‘=‘, ‘<‘ & ‘>‘) to cash balance search criteria

The Job Support Scheme

To support individuals and businesses to deal with the challenges created by coronavirus (COVID-19) during this winter (2020 to 2021), the government is providing additional support to help employers retain their employees through the Job Support Scheme (JSS).

The revised Job Support Scheme (JSS) comes into effect from 1st November 2020. For more details on the JSS, please see the Government services and information website.

Wage Sheets

For clients, there is a new JSS table on the wage sheet where eligible employees enrolled on JSS are entered along with their average working hours and average pay rate (please correspond with your accountants to correctly calculate these values). These employees are then also added to their respective category tables as usual with their actual hours worked.

Wage Template

To simplify the above process, clients can enter all staff enrolled on JSS into the new JSS table on the wage template. This table also requires their average working hours, but their pay rate is entered directly on their employee record.

Now, whenever a new wage sheet is created, the new JSS table will be automatically populated with the wage template data, with the employee pay rate coming directly from the employee record.

Another new feature of the wage template is a checkbox toggle on each line. This is used to enable or disable individual wage template lines. Only active wage template lines are used to initialise new wage sheets.

The ability to enable and disable individual lines is available on all tables within the wage template. If an employee is away, they can now be temporarily disabled and later reenabled with a single click, rather than having to delete and then re-enter all the data again when the employee returns.

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