Version 1.4.9 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release introduces new weekly delivery sheets, and provides the facility to batch export the delivery sheets in CSV file format.

Raven Tracker 1.4.9

Notable Changes

  • Add optional Weekly Delivery Sheets to Site Panel
  • Add CSV file format Delivery Sheet Export option
  • Add ‘Reply To’ address to all notification emails
  • Fix leaver employees disappearing from Wage Template
  • Fix Actual Cash C/F on cash sheet alert (if configured)
  • Miscellaneous framework updates

Weekly Delivery Sheets

The new Weekly Delivery Sheets are an optional feature for larger clients who will benefit from tracking deliveries and returns from multiple sites.

The Weekly Delivery Sheets operate similarly to the cash sheets and wage sheets. Each delivery is added as a line to the delivery table and records basic details such as the delivery date, supplier name, type of goods received, invoice number, and total cost.

Accountants can checkoff each delivery against an invoice with a simple verified column. Once all delivery lines are verified, the delivery sheet can be exported in CSV file format and easily imported into Excel for further processing.

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