Version 1.4.4 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release improves Wage Key Performance Indicator (KPI) percentages by calculating weekly pay for employees on monthly salaries. Navigating cash sheets and wage sheets via the keyboard has also been improved in Firefox.

Raven Tracker 1.4.4

Notable Changes

  • Wage KPI for fixed monthly pay employees now calculated weekly
  • Add ‘Update & Recalculate KPI’ to Wage Sheet bulk action panel
  • Improve cash sheet & wage sheet keyboard navigation in Firefox
  • Add Date Updated column on Employee Updated Pay list page
  • Use Date Updated column on Employee Leaver list page
  • Fix bug adding a new Employee Starter Form
  • Miscellaneous framework security updates

Wage KPI Improvements

The Wage Sheet KPI (Key Performance Indicator) compares wages against sales. The basic calculation in Raven Tracker is total weekly wages divided by weekly gross sales, enabling a pub owner to track the business overall sales efficiency.

Employees on a salary and paid monthly were skewing the ratios at the end of every month, so now in this release we evenly distribute this monthly pay on a weekly basis for the purposes of calculating the Wage KPI. This results in a fairer and more accurate wages to sales ratio.

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