Version 1.4.3 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release adds explicit notification of employee payment changes, prevents inputting negative values onto the cash sheet, and alerts about potentially incomplete data when submitting a Cash Sheet.

Raven Tracker 1.4.3

Notable Changes

  • Prevent negative number keyboard entry on cash sheet
  • Prevent negative number pasted on cash sheet
  • Alert user attempting to input negative value on cash sheet
  • Alert about incomplete data on Cash Sheet Submission
  • Add new Update Payment button to Employee Details page
  • Add additional Employee states and display on Details page
  • Separate Company Info from main Company Details page
  • Numerous Database Query Optimisations
  • Miscellaneous framework bug fixes

Notification of Employee Payment Changes

For clients, there is a new Update Payment button on the Employee Details page. Clicking this button generates a notification for your accountant that this employees payment details have changed.

For accountants, there are new Updated Payment filter list pages on the Navigator and Site Panels. The Employee Status codes have also expanded to accommodate this new functionality.

Employee Status List

CompleteAn active employee in sync with Sage Payroll
Pending FormA new employee without a Starter Form
Starter FormA new employee with Starter Form
LeavingAn employee marked as leaving
LeftAn employee processed as left, in sync with Sage Payroll
Update PayAn employee payment details have changed
ReturningAn existing employee, previously left, has now returned
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