Raven Tracker 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release enhances reports & notifications, especially for multisite operators. The new Navigator Panel provides an overview of cash sheets and wage sheets for all pubs, highlighting where sales targets are not met or expense budgets are exceeded.

Raven Tracker 1.4.0

Notable Changes

  • Add Cash Sheet and Wage Sheet menus on Navigator Panel
  • Add target takings column to sales income configuration
  • Add highlight to cash sheet row if Sales Target not met
  • Highlight in Cash Sheet list if Minimum Sales Target not met
  • Highlight in Cash Sheet list if Maximum Expense Budget exceeded
  • Pub Owners can manage cash sheet targets and budgets
  • Leaver employees no longer appear on new wage sheets
  • Add Employee and Employer Pension to Wage Sheets
  • Wage Sheet expenses can be updated after export
  • Miscellaneous framework bug fixes

New Navigator Panel

The 1.4 series of Raven Tracker releases will focus on enhancing reports & notifications for clients and accountants. The new Navigator Panel provides clients with an overview of cash sheets and wage sheets for all pubs, filtered by status.

The cash sheets list view, which summarises each weekly cash sheet, now highlights those cash sheets whose maximum expense budgets have been exceeded. The new minimum weekly sales target (see below) is also highlighted on the list view.

These features will prove to be especially useful for multisite operators, enabling an at a glance overview of all pubs.

Cash Sheet Weekly Sales Targets

A minimum weekly sales target can now be defined for each sales income line on a cash sheet. This feature, as well as the maximum weekly expense budget, is now configured exclusively by the pub owners.

The minimum weekly sales target set is indicated on the cash sheet by an info icon next to the row title, and hovering over this displays the weekly target in a tooltip. Until the target is met, the sales line is highlighted in red.

Analytics - Graph and Line Chart

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