Version 1.3.7 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release improves support for recording the Grand Total from cash registers, and enables managers to set expense budgets on the Cash Sheet.

Notable Changes

  • Add Till Takings toggle to Cash Sheet Sales Income lines
  • Add Total Till Sales to Till Grand Total summary table
  • Display Grand Total Variance on Cash Sheet list view
  • Add Budget column to cash sheet configuration page
  • Add Budget tooltip and icon to cash expense title
  • Highlight cash sheet row if budget exceeded
  • Fix unlocking of Cash Sheets with custom expenses

Improve Checks on Till Grand Total

Most cash registers provide a non-resettable grand total and cumulative “Z” counter. These are powerful security features, and an optional Grand Total table was added to the cash sheet in a previous release.

Each cash sheet records the grand total carried forward from the previous week, and the grand total at the end of the week. It then compares this with the Total Takings entered on the cash sheet and alerts to any discrepancies.

Not all lines on the sales income table are necessarily recorded on the till, a good example is machine income. This release enables an accountant to select which sales lines are taken via the till. A Till Sales Total has therefore been added to Grand Total Summary, and the Grand Total variance is also now visible on the cash sheet list view.

Cash Sheet Expense Budgets

Accountants configure the cash sheet expense lines for each site. Pub owners and managers can now access the configuration for cash expenses and cash wages to optionally set weekly budgets on a per line basis.

The weekly budget set is indicated on the cash sheet by an info icon next to the row title, and hovering over the row title displays the weekly budget in a tooltip. If the budget is exceeded, the expense line is highlighted in red.

Black Calculator on Spreadsheet


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