Raven Tracker 1.3.4

Version 1.3.4 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release enables accountants to repeat the same Nominal Code with different tax codes. The appearance of disabled Cash Sheets has been improved for clarity, and an issue with the ‘Synchronise Cash Balance’ Cash Sheet bulk operation has been fixed.

Notable Changes

  • Nominal Code and Tax Code now form a single constraint
  • Include Tax Code on Cash Sheet configuration pages
  • Improve appearance of disabled Cash Sheets
  • Remove edit table options from disabled Cash Sheets
  • Fix ‘Synchronise Cash Balance’ Cash Sheet bulk operation
  • Fix downloading of legacy export files from System Log

Disabled Cash Sheets

When a client submits a cash sheet for processing, they are declaring all the figures are correct, and once submitted, the cash sheet itself is locked and cannot be changed. There was previously a lock icon at the top of cash sheet, and this release improves the appearance of the cash sheet widgets to further emphasise that the cash sheet is disabled and cannot be changed.

Cash Sheet Disabled

Nominal Codes and Tax Codes

For accountants, a Nominal Code and Tax Code now form a single constraint. This means the same Nominal Code can be reused with a different Tax Code. A good example of this is Entertainment expenses, where a small independent band playing at the premises will likely not be VAT registered, whereas booking a band through an agency likely will attract VAT. Previously this would have involved setting up separate Nominal Codes.

Cash Sheet Configuration

Here you can see the same nominal code has been used twice, while the tax code is different. The Cash Sheet configuration pages have been updated accordingly to clearly convey the tax code differences between the same nominal codes.


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