Raven Tracker 1.3.2

Version 1.3.2 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release brings Advanced Search facilities to Wage Sheets, payslips and payroll files, and the ability to perform Bulk Actions on the search results.

Notable Changes

  • Add Advanced Search panel for Wages
  • Add Bulk Action panel for Payslip results
  • Add Bulk Action panel for Wage Sheet results
  • Add Bulk Action panel for Payroll File results
  • Recent Wage Sheets page now returns last 14 weekly sheets
  • Remove Cash Sheet ‘Mark as Processed’ bulk action option
  • Remove Recent Payslip Files page (use Search Wages)
  • Remove legacy Navigator Invoice Export page
  • Prevent repeat Payslip email notifications

Advanced Search for Wages

Advanced search options help to narrow the scope of search queries by applying filters. The Search Wages panel allows you to filter by type, where the options are Wage Sheets, Payslip Files, and Payroll Files. These are then narrowed by defining a start and end date.

The search result list is formatted by search type. Accountant users also have access to a bulk action panel whose options are also determined by the search type.

The search results table allows you to select many items by clicking the checkbox next to each item. Alternatively, there is a master checkbox at the top of the search result list, and clicking this selects every item in the results table.

Wage Sheet Bulk Action panel options:

  • Unlock Processed
  • Unlock for Client

Payslip Files Bulk Action panel options:

  • Set Category to Payslip Summary
  • Set Category to Payslip Files
  • Set Privacy to Pub Owners
  • Set Privacy to Everyone
  • Delete Payslips

Payroll Files Bulk Action panel options:

  • Change Payroll Category
  • Delete Payroll Files

Selecting Change Payroll Category displays a new dropdown box where you can select:

  • History Report
  • P32 (Employer Payment Record)
  • P35 (Summary of amounts payable)
  • Other


The power here is the saving in time and ease of maintainability. You can narrow your search to a specific file type and date range, then edit all the files at once. As an example, you could select all payslips for a client and change the privacy settings.

Stacked Worksheets


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