Version 1.3.1 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release introduces an all new general purpose system event logger with advanced search options. A ‘Synchronise Cash Balance’ option has also been added to the Cash Sheet Bulk Action panel.

Notable Changes

  • Add new general purpose System Event Logger
  • Add Advanced Search panel for System Logs
  • Record all Cash Sheet bulk actions in System Log
  • Add Cash Sheet ‘Synchronise Cash Balance’ bulk action option
  • Cash Sheet Bulk Action panel available to system accountant users
  • Recent Cash Sheets page now returns last 14 weekly cash sheets
  • Recent System Log pages now returns last 15 days of messages

Synchronise Cash Balance

For accountants, the previous release introduced a new Bulk Action panel to Cash Sheet search results. This panel with all options is now available to all system accountant users.

This release adds a new ‘Synchronise Cash Balance’ option to the Cash Sheet Bulk Action panel. From the search result list, an icon is displayed beside those Cash Sheets whose balance is out sync.

You can now select these cash sheets and process them all at once using the new ‘Synchronise Cash Balance’ option, making it quicker and easier to sync sheets and verify the results.

System Event Logger

The System Log has been completely redesigned to record more events, adding new Activity, Category and Type indicators. The results of all the new Cash Sheet bulk actions are now available in the System Log.

The new System Log will therefore be generating significantly more messages, so an Advanced Search panel has been added. This is similar to the Cash Sheet Advanced search panel, with more options to be added soon.

UNIX Terminal


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