Raven Tracker 1.2.4

Version 1.2.4 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release introduces support for exporting wage sheets from Raven and importing directly into Sage Payroll via the Sage Employee Payment Hours and Rates Template.

Notable Changes

  • Add Export Wage Sheet page to Site Panel
  • Add global message notification for display on all pages
  • Improve rendering of select boxes in Firefox
  • Fix link in notification when adding a new employee

Export Wage Sheets

For accountants, Wage Sheets can now be exported from Raven and imported into Sage Payroll. Support is currently limited to hours and rates for variable payment types on Manager, Bar, Kitchen and Cleaner wage lines. Fixed payment types, and employees on Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and other special payment lines cannot be imported into Sage at this time.

This is a completely new feature and relies on the Sage Employee Payment Hours and Rates Template. Support will quickly improve and we are investigating the development of a custom template to enable the export and import of all payment types and payment lines.


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