Version 1.2.3 of Raven Tracker is now available! This release provides each employee with their own dedicated files area. Application update notifications can now be dismissed.

Notable Changes

  • Add File List tab to Employee page
  • Add specialised Employee File upload page
  • Add Delete File button to Payroll File List
  • Add dismiss button to Application Update notifications
  • Fix Wage Sheet calendar navigation update buttons

Employee Files

All employee related files, such as P45’s, P60’s, Starter Forms and more are now accessible directly from the Employees page. This makes it easier to organise and find particular files, and the new category options reduces typing when uploading files.

The Employee page has a new Files tab, listing all files associated with that Employee. The Files tab has a new list layout, making it easier than ever to delete files, and this new file deletion operation has also been added to the Payroll file list page.

The new Employee File upload page is available for accountants and clients, and provides options tailored specifically for Employee Files. Accountants have the added option to email clients of important employee file uploads.

Employee Application Form


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