Version 1.2.2 of Raven Tracker is now available. Payroll files have moved to a dedicated Payroll area that is only accessible to company owners, and email notifications are enabled for payslip file uploads.

Notable Changes

  • Add Payroll Files list page to Wage Sheet menu
  • Add specialised Payroll File upload page
  • Add Email Notification option to Payslip File upload
  • Payslip files display directly in browser when clicked
  • Fix update of Payment Details on locked invoices
  • Fix Company profile picture
Account balance on paper

Private Payroll Files

All payroll related files, including P32’s (Employer Payment Records), P35’s (annual summary of all amounts payable), and History Reports, are now all grouped together in a dedicated Payroll area that is only accessible to company owners. This new Payroll File List page can be found in the Wage Sheet menu.

Email Notifications

For accountants, there is a new Payroll File Upload page with option tailored specifically for Payroll Files. This includes a new Email Notification option, also available on the Payslip File Upload page, which sends an email about the file being uploaded to the client.


For more information on Raven Tracker and online accountancy services, please contact PLS Management Services on 020 8977 6255.

For all other enquiries, please send us a message.

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