Version 1.2.1 of Raven Tracker is now available. Payslips are now easier for clients to find and download, and the process of uploading payslips for accountants has been streamlined and simplified.

Notable Changes

  • Add Payslip File upload panel to Wage Sheet page
  • Add Payslip File download buttons to Wage Sheet list page
  • Fix list of accountant users on Notice Board message page
  • Fix link to Dashboard in notification when creating a new site

Payslip File Downloads

Payslips and Payslip Summary files are being moved to the Wage Sheet list page, grouped alongside their respective weekly wage sheets. Payslips and Payslip Summary (Pay Analysis) files have distinctive icons, and private files are coloured differently. These changes result in payslips being easier to find and download for clients.

Payslip File Uploads

For accountants, once a wage sheet is exported and processed (in Sage), a file upload panel will become available on the wage sheet itself to upload Payslips and Payslip Summary files. The upload panel has a few options to define the type of file and privacy settings. This results in a lot less typing, streamlining and simplifying the payslip upload procedure.

Payslip with notes & coins


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