Version 1.1.4 of Raven Tracker is now available, featuring many improvements to the Cash Sheet and Wage Sheet submission procedure.

Notable Changes

  • Improve popover messages on cash & wage sheets list pages
  • Improve confirmation dialogs on cash & wage sheets
  • Improve unlock procedure for cash & wage sheets
  • Improve user notifications for unsaved changes

Confirmation Dialogs

When submitting a Cash Sheet or Wage Sheet for processing, a more descriptive confirmation dialog is displayed making it clearer exactly what is happening.

Cash Sheet Submission

Accountants also see improved confirmation dialogs when performing verification and export operations.

Cash Sheet and Wage Sheet List pages now display more informative popover messages, with submission, verification and export dates.

Unlock Procedure for Accountants

Accountants now have more options for unlocking cash sheets and wage sheets.

  • Unlock for Client
  • Unlock Verified
  • Unlock Exported

If a client has submitted a cash sheet or wage sheet in error, Unlock for Client removes the client confirmation and enables them to update and resubmit.

The Unlock Verified and Unlock Exported are new options and leave the client confirmation intact. This allows accountants to make further changes and corrections to Nominal Codes or export again in new formats etc.


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