Raven Tracker 1.1.2

Version 1.1.2 of Raven Tracker is now available featuring improved Wage Sheet navigation.

Notable Changes

  • Disable changes to numbers on Wage Sheet via mouse scrolling
  • Move horizontally between cells on Wage Sheet using keyboard ‘tab’ key
  • Move vertically between cells on Wage Sheet using keyboard ‘enter’ key
  • Add Comma Separated Values (.csv) Cash Sheet export option
  • Grant Bar Staff users full access to Cash Sheets

Wage Sheet Navigation Improvements

Following on from the navigation improvements made in the last release for Cash Sheets, this release focuses on navigation improvements for the Wage Sheet.

Raven - Wage Sheet for Payroll

For the same reasons as the Cash Sheet, this release has disabled changes to times and numbers on the Wage Sheet via the mouse scroll wheel, so the scroll wheel now simply scrolls the page. Unlike the cash sheet, time and number values can still be changed using the arrow up/down keys on the keyboard as this provides connivence and flexibility. To move vertically between wage sheet lines, please use the enter and shift + enter keys.

Cash Sheet Updates

The enter and shift + enter keys for vertical navigation are also now available on Cash Sheets. For accountants there is a new ‘Comma Separated Values (.csv)’ cash sheet file format export option available. Finally, Bar Staff users now have full access to view and edit cash sheets.

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