Raven Tracker 22.02

Version 22.02 of Raven Tracker is now available ☀️ This release adds a Tronc table & Settings panel to the Weekly Wage Sheet, enabling clients to distribute tips, gratuities and service charges with employees.

Raven Tracker 22.02

Notable Changes

  • Add Tronc (Tips) employee table to Weekly Wage Sheet page
  • Add Tronc (Tips) Settings panel to Weekly Wage Sheet page
  • Add Tronc (Tips) Sage Payment Reference to Employee page
  • Add Tronc table to Wage Sheet Simple Spreadsheet export
  • Add Tronc table to Wage Sheet Sage Payroll export file
  • Add Tronc Total column to wage sheet list views
  • Remove PAYE columns from wage sheet list views
  • Use new Currency library for Tronc calculations
  • Change ‘Reply To’ email notification address
  • Do not skip lines on Wage Sheet Simple Spreadsheet export
  • Fix Home Office button link on Employee Starter Form page
  • Fix monthly wage sheet links for start of new year
  • Replace Variance column with Balance on cash sheet list views
  • Add Variance to tooltip on Navigator cash sheet list views

Tronc (Tips) table on Weekly Wage Sheet

A tronc is a pay arrangement used to distribute tips, gratuities and service charges among employees. More detailed information on Tronc is available on the Government services and information website.

This release of Raven Tracker adds an optional tronc settings panel and tronc employee table to the end of the Weekly Wage Sheet.

The Setting panel is used to input the total amount of Tronc available and an admin charge percentage.

The Tronc table itself allows clients to add staff with columns for fixed pay, total time worked, and a points system used to incentivise different staff members. The Total Time column is automatically updated based on the hours input in the Manager, Bar, Kitchen and Cleaner wage tables.

For accountants, the tronc table is automatically exported as part of the routine Wage Sheet Sage Payroll export process. This uses the new Tronc Sage Payment Reference as defined on the Employee page.

Photo by Alaur Rahman from Pexels

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