Auction Labs 1.3

Auction LabsAuction Labs 1.3.0 is now available. This is a major new release, featuring a completely new way of generating valuation reports.

Valuation Reports

Auction Labs now features a completely new section for entering, managing and ultimately printing valuation reports. Creating and managing a valuation is similar to creating and managing an auction, so existing users will instinctively know what to do.

A valuation is created with standard data such as client and debtor details. A valuation can be assigned to a specific user (employee), which is shown when printing the valuation report. The valuation report also contains a customised Introduction, which is typed within Auction Labs using the new rich text editor.


Each valuation is assigned a unique group of categories which are later attached to valuation items. These categories will define and group the item, such as Fitness Equipment, Office Furniture, Vehicles, Stock etc. Again, these categories are defined on a per valuation basis and there are no limits on the number of categories created.

Valuation Items

A valuation item is assigned a category (described above), an item number, an estimated value (from and to), and finally a description of the item is provided.

It is also possible to create a dummy item, which is an item that is printed without an associated item number. This allows you to create summary lines in the valuation report, e.g. “Total of the above is valued between £350 and £500”.

Print Documents

Once all valuation items have been entered, the final step is to print the valuation report. The valuation report consists of a cover page, introduction page, standard terms and conditions, and the valuation items and summaries. These pages, including their respective headers and footers are all customisable via the use of plugins.

The new valuation reports are produced in accordance with the RICS Valuation Standards.


Please check the What’s New section once signed in for the complete list of changes. You can find more details about this software on the Auction Labs Live product page. For additional information or help, please get in touch with us.