BAT Tracker

BAT Tracker BoxBAT Tracker provides an all-in-one package for the handling, management and organisation of debt cases.

BAT Tracker is a completely new application built on a modern, network aware framework, enabling staff to share information and work together.

BAT Tracker was designed in collaboration with a long established Bailiff firm, has been in production use since July 2010, and has successfully processed hundreds of valuation cases.

BAT Tracker is always updated to support the latest HM Revenue & Customs reporting requirements.

Key Features

  • BAT TrackerIntuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible search facilities
  • HMRC compatible reporting
  • Easy management of multiple cases
  • Note entry and prioritised notifications
  • Summary reporting of all open cases
  • All costs and activities tracked
  • Realtime financial case summary
  • Automatically generate letters and correspondence for debtors and clients

Case Studies

The case studies below provide an in-depth look at how customers have benefited from using BAT Tracker.

Cross Platform

The BAT Tracker server component can be installed and run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Users can run BAT Tracker from an even wider variety of supported platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux desktops and even iPads. By default, data can only be accessed within the local office network, with no outside access allowed for maximum security.

Mac OS X support Windows support

Multi User System

Access to the BAT Tracker interface is granted on a per employee basis. Each user is assigned a unique username and password for security and auditing purposes. Access to the system is further restricted via user privileges.

MySQL DatabaseIndustry Standard Database

BAT Tracker is built upon the industry standard MySQL 5, a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a part of the server component.

Case Management

BAT Tracker provides efficient opening, management and closing (archiving) of debt cases. Users can quickly search for any clients or debtors within the system.

– Realtime Financial Summary

Once a debt case is created, the debtor details screen provides a realtime, at a glance financial summary. Details include total costs to date, total received from debtor, total sent to client, debtor balance and outstanding costs.

– Case Notes

Each debt case has an associated set of notes with note status and optional due date. The notes can be used for tracking all events related to a case, e.g. phone calls and emails between debtor and client.

– Case Payments

Each debt case has an associated set of payments. The types of payments include costs added, payment received, payment bounced, sale proceeds and adjustments.

– Daily Interest Payments

A client can sometimes arrange for a daily interest payment to be incurred, which is automatically calculated from the start date up-to and including the end date. Note that without an end date, the interest is calculated up-to and including the print date.

PDF ReportsReports

BAT Tracker provides a comprehensive range of ready-made reports and documents supporting the complete life-cycle of a debt case.

By default, all reports are output in the Portable Document Format (PDF), an open standard for document exchange. These reports can then be printed, emailed or archived. Some of the included reports are detailed below.

– Financial Summary

This is the final report to conclude the case. This includes a financial summary listing all payments made, a section covering all transactions, a summary of daily interest payments and optionally all case notes.

– Appraisal Letters

The Appraisal Call Report Sheet is for completion by the bailiff attending a premise to ensure all tasks are met. The Appraisal Letter informs the debtor of the outcome of the visit and the additional costs incurred.

– Auction Letters

Auction Letters are sent to the client and debtor informing each that assets removed will be offered for auction on a given date at a given venue.

– Interim Statement

When a payment is received by the debtor that reduces the balance owed to the client, an interim statement is sent to the client informing them of the total paid, total collected, and the balance outstanding.

– Financial Spreadsheet

This is for internal use only, and provides a highly detailed spreadsheet detailing every financial transaction related to the case. This can be especially useful in more complex case when dealing with any financial queries.

About Elysian Labs

Elysian Labs is a software development and consultancy company located in the South East of the United Kingdom. We provide a wide range of IT Services. In particular, we focus on creating software application products as part of new mobile and Internet solutions and have specific experience in working in the Auctioneer, Valuer and Insolvency Practitioner area.

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