Company Profile

G.J.Wisdom & Co - Auctioneers, Valuers

NAVAG.J.Wisdom & Co was established in 1987 to provide auctioneering and valuation services to the Bailiff industry, acting primarily for firms of Certificated Bailiffs on behalf of commercial landlords.

With continued growth and now acting for numerous clients including HM Revenue & Customs, Insolvency Practitioners, Commercial Landlords, Financial Companies, together with private firms of Certificated Bailiffs. G.J.Wisdom & Co operates with a team of dedicated staff and professionals.

Garry Wisdom is a Fellow member of the National Association of Valuers & Auctioneers, and heads the team being the founder and senior partner, currently with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

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The Problem

G.J.Wisdom & Co had been using a bespoke software solution for managing the back-office auction tasks. Although the software served the business well for many years, various shortcomings emerged as the business grew.

  • Didn’t work well on modern hardware
  • Old fashioned reports and documents as new printers not supported
  • Restricted range of reports which couldn’t be easily extended – making it hard to get the required information at the right time
  • Volume limitations in terms of number current and historic cases
  • Single user system was inefficient to use and stopped information being shared between staff when needed
  • Non-intuitive user interface making it hard for new and temporary staff to use the system

The business therefore needed a modern solution to enable the auction business to move forward.

Auction LabsThe Solution

Elysian Labs carefully studied the legacy auction application and worked with G.J.Wisdom staff to understand its strengths and limitations, using this as a starting point for planning the new software. Auction Labs Live is a completely new application built on a modern, network aware framework, enabling staff to share information and work together.

Auction Labs Live has been in production use by G.J.Wisdom & Co from May 2011 and has successfully processed all auction cases since.

Comprehensive Reports and Documents

Auction Labs Live provides a comprehensive range of documents supporting the complete lifecycle of an auction.

  • Pre Auction Advice
  • Auction Catalogue
  • Lot Labels
  • Sale Book
  • Buyer Invoices
  • Vendor Statements

These documents are all output as flexible PDFs enabling printing, emailing and electronic archiving.

Auction Labs Live - Vendor Statement

Vendor Statement

Easy to Use

Auction Labs Live is intuitive and easy-to-use. This means that all staff, new and old, can use the solution to help them in their jobs without extensive training and years of practice.

All auctions can be accessed at any time, even completed auctions.

Auction Labs Live – Dashboard

Auction Dashboard

Working on Modern Technology

The server component of Auction Labs Live is multi-platform and can be run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Clients are assigned unique usernames and passwords for security and auditing purposes, and can access the software from an even wider range of platforms, even an iPad! This means that the solution will continue to offer operating efficiency and clear reporting for many years to come.

About Elysian Labs

Elysian Labs is a software development and consultancy company located in the South East of the United Kingdom. We provide a wide range of IT Services. In particular, we focus on creating software application products as part of new mobile and Internet solutions and have specific experience in working in the Auctioneer, Valuer and Insolvency Practitioner area.

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